Honk Band
Richard Stekol from Honk

I was playing in a little band with some guys from Newport Harbor High in 1967 and started going down to a club on the peninsula, The New Look. There were a few really good bands including, but not limited to, The Rhythm and Blues Workshop with a really good Vox player in a Baskin Robbins uniform singing Sam and Dave songs like a guy from my hometown, Philadelphia. He, Steve Wood, later was doing a gig at the Balboa Pavilion in 1969 along with a band including future Honk member Don Whaley and a band, Yessco Train which included Tris Imboden. I was just out of boot camp on my way overseas, and was invited out of the audience by Steve to jam, having met him formally at Mark Turnbull's house where I was living below Dudley's in the canyon in 1968. Touched and embarrassed I agreed, and immediately found myself in the middle of Crossroads with Don, Steve and Tris. That did it for me. When I got a letter saying if I got back, look them up, I did just that.
By then, they were a trio, and sounding great. I quickly realized they didn't need anyone, least of all myself, but Steve ran out to get me as I was sneaking off to my car and the band was very gracious and brought me along. So, I guess everything that happened subsequent to that wasn't my fault.

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Richard Stekol and Beth Fitchet from Honk
Richard Stekol from Honk